Sunday, August 17, 2008

10 Signs It's Back To School Time!

10. My spirits are lifting.

9. It's 100 degrees outside.

8. The boys are bored with the pool. BORED!

7. I've actually organized the boy's toys. No more inter-toy co-habitating; the cars stay in the car bin; the action figures in the action figure bin.

6. I sold my left kidney on eBay to buy new shoes for the boys.

5. They are actually interested in eating peanut butter again

4. The oldest has almost finished the entire Harry Potter series.

3. Could it be possible that Zach is running out of animal facts to amaze me with? When he starts asking if fish have tongues, it's time to send him to an authority; a teacher.

2. Football is in full swing; basketball and baseball sign-ups are on my calendar as is CCD, Parish council meetings have begun, ARGH!

1. My oldest has resorted to this to pass the time:
I say, let the schooling begin!

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