Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ocean '08

Beach babe

We had a fantastic time at the So Cal beach on Saturday. Much uhm,.. how do I say it,.. WARMER than up in Washington. I could actually not wear a sweatshirt.

Jared catchin' the big one,...

The boys knocked themselves out body surfing, boogy boarding, attempting to skimboard on a 30 degree beach and tackle football. The B was having what the commercials call ' a problem in irregularity' and that took up most of her day. She's a hanger-outer and basically shadows me all day long. Which makes we unpleasantly aware of my slovenly desires, like to sit my booty down on a lawn chair and read magazines all day, instead of frolick in the waves and build sandcastles. At least I have the screamin' Ia to help me relax, as in, "Oh, I'll totally help you hack down that kelp forest Zach, so you can take it home, just as soon as I sit my booty down and nurse the baby."

Sea water has nothin' on hairgel.

Going to Newport Beach, where we used to live B.C. (before children) always makes me wistful and want to sell all the properties, the furniture and cash out the 401(K) to live in a little ramshackled one bedroom cottage by the beach.

Cutie baby. I have to ask, however, where is my chin???

We were even adventurous to look online at properies. Found one - 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2300 ft2 and $8M. Perfect for us,.. except for the $8M part.


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