Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well, Happy Birthday to Me

Yep, another year. I hate birthdays, I don't do them well. I'm not very gracious and I hate to ask anyone to do anything for me, so this one day out of the year is always a bit difficult. Plus, I'm 39 today for heaven's sake. One more year til I'm 40, and I know 40 is the new 30, but I still feel reeeeaaaaaally old. But I won't dwell on the weight I want to loose, the book I want to write, the places I want to visit, ... I won't. Promise.

The fun thing about birthdays? And Mother's Day and all that - is the fun stuff your kids do. I love the sounds of the morning of :(because thinking ahead isn't something you do until well into your thirties.)

"Do we have any glue?"

"What do you mean we're out of pipe cleaners?"

"Oh, man, am I ever gonna use some googly eyes for this!"

"Mom, what's your favorite kind of dinosaur?"

"Mom, what's your favorite color?"

"Mom, what's your favorite kind of mammal?"

"Mom, what's your second favorite kind of dinosaur?"

And can someone please tell me why, oh why, the Crayola marker I gave to the Screamin' Ia to keep her from screamin' - the Crayola marker my seven year old can't get open, well, the 8 month old can? She must have some kind of suction power going on, because that lid popped off in the second it took me to return the milk to the fridge. And is blue dye toxic do you think? At least it's water soluble. Thank goodness.

Happy Birthday!

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