Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday: the New Monday

I meant to post on Monday, but life doesn't have a pause button, so here I am. Two days later. Finally sitting down.

This is the week of the ESRI International User Conference down in San Diego, and since I am gainfully employed by said company, I've spent a couple of days down there, yes, wearing grown up clothes, makeup and speaking in coherent sentences. What a joy! And to be in the middle of 14,000 people who use our software to do such amazing things, is a real treat.

I suspected the kids would be fine without their mother for a few long hours for two days. Hubby did the single parent thing on Sunday while I was down interviewing big wigs like the Director of the National Geodetic Survey for NOAA, the Remote Sensing Program Manager for the USDA, the Communications Director for SPOT Image and the Director General of the Forest Survey of India. Always the one to do better than me, he took the five kids to Macaroni Grill for lunch. Had a blast. Got the accolades from everyone in the restaurant about what a great dad he is. Yes, it's true.

They had a blast and I enjoyed my time with adults.

I've been published again, this time in Imaging Notes. Maybe my company will keep me around for a few more months,..

Quote of the week:

I had the kitchen garbage can pulled out so the B could see in.

"Oh, poop," she exclaimed.

"No," I corrected, "Those are coffee grounds."

"Coffee poop?"

"Yep, coffee poop." (couldn't have thought of a better descriptor).

Oh, and the big news? We have MORE BABY RATS. Yes, you heard me correctly. This happened on Monday. How,..?!?!? What the #)($U*(*#? Yes, that's what I said to. Then Zach informed me that his rat Skittles has been having 'play dates' with Daisy and Peak. I explained that NO PLAY DATES are allowed. Skittles can play with you only. No more conjugal visits with the girl rats unless it is specifically planned. Gads.

And when my mother in law and I went in for mani-pedis the other weekend, I wasn't paying attention and the pedicurist attacked the bottom of my foot trying to massage me. I have the most sensitive feet in the universe and about jumped out of my massage chair. Ever since, I've had some sort of awful pain near my arch that is starting to thwart my running endeavors. I'm fine in a shoe and running, but it's the barefootedness and directly after the run that makes me want to chop off the foot. Add that to achey knees and I think I'm actually starting to fall apart.

Then I ran into an old buddy of mine at the conference, who is a big lover of running and is doing crazy stuff like running 8 hours in a row. I'm afraid if I attempted such a thing my legs would just fall off at the hip flexor. They would just snap and I'd fall in a puddle. Not to mention my other friend Teri who has told the world that not only did she run 6 miles IN A ROW, but one of those miles was less than seven minutes. Show off. (Teri, I tried linking to you, but your blog has mysteriously disappeared,.. )

And the biggest news, in the spirit of last does not make least, KYLE IS SEVEN! Wow. So, we had our usual ice cream for breakfast and Rob decorated his bed and chair. Traditions, you know. Kyle asked for an ice cream cake, so we made home made cookies and cream icecream and have a triple decker cake hangin' in the freezer ready for tonight. (the middle layer is icecream). Had to eat a lot of mini corn dogs, taquitos and dinosaur chicken nuggets to fit that bad boy in there. We're going to the local pizza joint with friends for an early dinner, home for presentes, daddy is taking him to the driving range during football and then we'll have cake which not only has icecream and two tubs of frosting, but a large amount of sour gummy worms, oreos and candy corn, .. right before bed time. Should go really smoothly, the bedtime routine. I'll post pics tonight or tomorrow.


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