Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And Then We Both Started Working a Third and Fourth Job

Oi vey. Took the family out to buy shoes. Yes, stupidly we did not think to stagger the shoe buying extravaganza. Hubby had been out with the boys on Saturday to get new running shoes for himself (I know, the selfishness; he'd only had his current pair since COLLEGE. Is it a wonder his knees were killing him???). He had the great thought to suck it up and plunk down the gold bullion for shoes for our masses. I am no longer complaining about the costs of registering for sports themselves, now I'm complaining about the SHOES we need for all these sports. Football cleats, basketball shoes, running shoes, ... times three. And of course, I upgraded my running shoes now that the inserts seem to be working and my plantar fasciitis is fading away to a painful memory (thanks Megan for the nursing advice as always!). The bill? $350. At the outlet.

As if that wasn't enough to send me home sobbing in bed with a nice Oktoberfest beer and a big square of bitter chocolate,... these were the two revelations that life, it is a'changin':

1. Jared is wearing a size 9 shoe. In men's. Dude. That's big. No more cute baby shoes for him. Pretty soon, I'll be wearing HIS handme downs.
2. We stopped at McDonald's for dinner and only two out of the four kids ate Happy Meals. We've graduated to the real food menu. No more toys. Now I have to order the Happy Meal to give the kids the toys. Wow.

I think I'll go to bed now and let my body age gracefully in my sleep,....

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Supermom said...

I'm so with you on the shoes! When Tyler started soccer I had to get him 8 1/2's in mens!! Oh yes, and the men's ones were twice the price as the kids size. I about fell over!

So glad we can compare! All my other friends don't have as many kids as we do!! Glad to have you back.