Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tired, oh so tired,...

Well, that's the truth. Too much going on to sit my booty down and blog. So sorry.

The doggy is doing well. We're like two chubby chicks running around the neighborhood while the B asks me over and over again, "What color is that car?" To which I answer, "What PANT color PANT IS PANT it PANT ? PANT"

Flashbacks to Jared in the singleton jogging stroller, learning how to count while mommy ran around and around the neighborhood. I'll never forget him asking me why I breathed so funny. Ha. Now you are 11 and have to endure conditioning in your Junior All American Football. Karma WILL come back and bite you.

I made Kyle PROMISE to do well on his 6 addition test so I could take them all to Coldstone just so I could have marshmallow icecream with brownies in it,.. I did wear my jogging clothes, so that accounts for something, right?

The boys are at 29 Palms playing football. Zach just won 30something to about 12. He did loose a game last week. The girls and I are hangin'..

The B has been totally enjoying her Disney princess handme down gown from my friend Beth's girls. She wore it all day yesterday and I could just kick myself for not taking pictures as she: cleaned the dishes, did the pogo stick with her brother when he refused to dance with her, walked the dog, went in the car to drop off said brother at football, and then went for a stroller ride. It is hard to snap a safety harness around all that tulle! It's a tough life for a princess!

Here is another article I wrote, quite a while ago,... enjoy.

And some commercial breaks from our regularly scheduled programming,...
The boys commencing on their epic mountain bike ride. Unfortunately, the girls didn't fit in the camel backs as I'd hoped. I had to bring them back home with me.....
Kyle at winterball. As you can see, he's getting used to the crowds. : )
Sophia isn't the only one who could benefit from some food from a blender,...

This is one I like to call 'the old married couple.' When I'm old and senile, I'm going to make them live together and take of me.
Not sure what Sophie likes more, watching her brothers play football, or the gold disco pants,..
Zach taking an intermission to do "I'm a little Teapot" It's all part of pyching out your opponent,..

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Teri said...


Going for a run then heading for Cold Stone sounds an awful lot like me. I know I've led you to believe I'm some marathoner or something... but I think you'll see me in October and say, "Huh. She's a little tubbier than I thought."

Yes, you should have gotten some pictures of the princess doing all those things in tulle!

"I'm a Little Teapot!!!" - you are a crack-up!