Thursday, September 18, 2008

Forget Underdog, Downward Dog Saves the Day!

So I've been battling a nasty little case of plantar fasciiatis (sp all over that thing please) since the In laws visited in July. At first I thought the pedicurist had done some bad juju on my foot. But it felt better as I eased into my little jogs about suburbia, so no matter. Then, as I had to get up, oh every 45 minutes during the night to soothe the savage beast in my bedroom (aka, Sophia) the hobbling got worse, the pain got worse, it felt like someone had a cigarette lighter burning the arch of my foot and it wouldn't go away. I don't do well with chronic pain. I ignored it, until I couldn't ignore it anymore and finally went to see the good ol' doc. I can't imagine a life with no exercise; ask hubby and he'll tell you it's the only thing that keeps me on an evenkeel since he won't pay for medication. Darn him. Since the babe sleeps at the very times I can finally get out of the house, and also has a bad case of stranger anxiety, the gym is pretty much out. It's 250 degrees here, so the rowing machine, the 'CONCEPT II Evil for me to do' machine in my backyard is in direct sunlight when the girls are nestled snug in their beds for naps, and I'm afraid I'll light a fire with the friction of the chains as I pretend to row across concrete without actually going anywhere. The MOST BORING EXERCISE EVER INVENTED. Not enough room in the TV area to shadow kick box, I gave away my aerobic step pre-Indonesia so that leaves me with the double jogging stroller. I can't be defeated by a stubborn tendon!
I certainly fit the profile for this injury - getting old, gained a bit o' weight (thanks girls!), feet not structurally sound (as if a size 12 wasn't ENOUGH torture to live with in this lifetime.)
So, I got some good stretches from, listened to my doc and bought a shoe insert, gave up my flip flop addiction and put all those cheap and cute but crappily made Payless shoes in the back of the closet and it started to get better. Then our friend came over and showed me some yoga moves and that really started things progressing. I'm doing downward dogs all over the house (that sounds kind of illicit, but it's not) and the stretch in the tendon is amazing, I'm telling you, all my running friends (momcolumn!). So, thanks for the stretch. Anything to keep me out of Birkenstocks, I'm all for. Hurrah.


Teri said...

Perhaps I should employ this in the middle of the night when I wake up with foot/leg cramps!
Glad you're finding some relief, no matter how funny it makes you look around the house.

mom2threepks said...

Had that a couple years ago. Ended up in physical therapy and three advil twice a day for a month. Try the ibuprofen along with the stretches but take it for a month or more to ease the inflammation.