Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh the limelight! It blinds me!

What do you mean you can't read it? Man, you MUST be getting old. Basically it says blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, "interception by Zach Richardson." In the local paper the Yucaipa, Ca. Mirror. Oh, here's the Internet version:

JAFF Micros lose one, then win one, 25-0 (visit the link soon people, it won't be up forever. This is Yucaipa, you know).

Last Saturday, Sept. 13, the JAAF Division II Jr. Micros evened their record to 1 and 1.After a close loss to Indio, the 7 & 8 year olds traveled to Banning to play the Pass Redskins. The blue offense was lead by Austin Mills with 102 rushing yards followed by Tyler Harland with 91 yards.Behind an offensive line lead by center Mike Rinick was Harriston Tate, Kohl Fromm, Gavin Norris, Blake Brown, Jessie Humphries, Adrian Quintana, W/B Blake Seaton and Q/B Mark Kirkland.
The littlest T-Bird defense held the Redskins to 14 total yards.The gold offense lead by Nick Quass, Andrew Vara, Marc Estrada, Ross Harps, Kadian Meek, Caleb MacGregor, Colton Tuley, Colby Mushinski & Jake Fermanian ran the ball very well. Helping the strong defense was Owen Fromm, Matt Crengros, Christian Jarish, Drew Hammond, Chase Samuelsen and Zach Richardson, who also had an interception.Final score: Yucaipa 25, Pass 0.

Yep, we're gettin' ready for that Pro Bowl.

I'm just a posting FIEND!

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