Sunday, September 21, 2008

Five is just not enough,..

so we became foster parents tonight.

Meet Jane, our newest three year old.

It's been very lonely in the house with Max gone. So, we got in contact with our favorite doggie rescue joint, Coastal German Shepherd Dog, and pleaded for a puppy and offered to foster this magnificent dog as well. To, you know, help bring up the young pup.

The puppy will be ready in a couple of weeks. We got Jane today so we could help get her out of a kennel and back into a home environment and get to know her before the house truely becomes out of control with yet another youngster who doesn't sleep through the night, nor is potty-trained. What kind of masachist am I? My husband does wonder. (Yes, Teri, you will be so pleased to know that the human babe did indeed NOT sleep through the night a second time. Now we all seem to be nursing colds, so back to square one with the sleeping thing.)

It's very sad, all the doggies in rescues and shelters. This dog's ears are ravaged and I don't even want to use my imagination to figure out why. It's unbelievable how uncaring people can be.

Plus now we can take part in the Blessing of the Animals at Church with a REAL animal and not just a bunch of rats. And I'm not even talking about my boys,...

Anyway, it's a great organization and if you ever get the whim, send over a donation. They'd great appreciate it.


Teri said...

That is really cool! Congrats on the new addition to your family.
And, despite my sour attitude about lack of sleep and my jealousy, I'm sad that the all-night sleep didn't persist for you.
Gorgeous dog!!!

Janice said...

My dog Riley and I met Jane this morning. She was very sweet, as are your boys. They seemed happy to have her. Congratulations. Good luck with the pup. I'm hoping mine grows out of being so puppyish!