Saturday, September 13, 2008

Go Yucaipa!

The boys with their NO. 1 Fan!

Getting ready - this isn't Jared, can you believe it? They grow so fast,..

Jared giving the opposition a big bear hug.

Jared running.

Zach looking mighty tough.

I'm embarrassed to say these are all from their scrimmages. I'll get photos today of them in their official uniforms, complete with gold disco pants!

Today we are 'away.' Thankfully they are breaking us in slowly and 'away' means 15 minutes away. For the all day football marathon (Zach plays at 8am and Jared at 12pm) we will be on the field from 7 until 2:30 (I'll try and get their by 8 with the rest of the brood), but here is what we have to bring: EZ Up (which, mark my words people, really isn't easy; especially when your engineering husbans buys the steel framed one, for 'durability.' I'm sorry, I didn't know he was afraid the Cal. sun would like, melt a less masculine structure; or he's afraid of falling asteroids or something, while we are watching our children play various and sundry sports.) Anyway, the EZ Up, a cooler, a bag o' food, diaper bag, stroller, car seat, armload of toys, three big water jugs, four chairs, two blankets and oh yeah, the kids, to get our efforts' worth WE MIGHT AS WELL LIVE AT THE FIELD FOR A WEEK.


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Teri said...

You know what entered my shallow mind as I looked at the photos of your kids? "Man, they're tan!" I've said it before, I'll say it again: you have a good-lookin' family. I love that your boys play football. Football seems like it would be hard to watch for a mom - too much potential for watching your kid get clobbered. Anyway... Go YUCAIPA!