Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do Tarsier's Like Rice Cereal?

Because our little one doesn't. Tarsiers, for those of you who are not second graders who have just completed a report on rain forest creatures, are tiny little things with huge eyeballs, much like our little Sophie.

Our little rainforest creature.

Much like a typical wild Tarsier, our Sophie dwells in the upper canopy, not going to the forest floor unless really, really necessary.

Dr. Doolittle and his diarama

Sophie in the canopy. Doesn't really matter what the name of the 'tree' she is in, as long as it is a living, breathing, moving thing.

We are trying to domesticate our little tropical woodland creature, but so far she has the reigns to this pony and isn't letting go soon.

Not only does she not think eating is to-die-for yet, she has decided she doesn't like her bottles either. Friday when I went to work, she drank a whole three ounces of bottle. For those of you without young uns to feed, that isn't a whole heck of a lot. We're still working on the rice cereal, but we're doing it hap hazardly, whenever I can remember and it's convenient. Gotta like that in a baby. Which isn't a problem because the expression on her face looks like I've just given her a big ol' spoonful of hot tar.


Hmm,.. what else,..

Have you noticed the grocery bills inching up there? I don't think it's becuase I've got seven mouths to feed here, I think it's an effect of the gas prices. We went to Coldstone for a treat - it was 'glutton Saturday' you see. We had a pizza party at the local pizza parlor for kindergartner's t-ball team and decided that wasn't enough saturated fats, so we had ice cream too. The 'Like It' size was $5, I kid you not! I don't think it was that much a couple months ago, was it???? Yikes. So, today we've broken out our ice cream maker and tried our hand at chocolate. I can make six quarts of ice cream for a fraction of what our bill was last night at Coldstone. Egads. Although I have to admit, I won't put gummy worms in any of my creations, so maybe it isn't the deal I think it is. Or the boys don't anyway.

And I thought I'd break out of my chicken rut and make salmon for dinner. When I unveiled it at the table I was greeted with TWO boys who said they didn't like salmon anymore. WHAT? How can you be my kid and not like salmon? Hush,.. don't tell any of the Western Washington relatives because that is SINFUL. Western Washingtonians know their salmon like uhm,.. Western Washingtonians know their beer and their fancy coffee.

There is no such thing as 'salmon.' and if you go to a restaurant that tries to sell just salmon to a WWer, well, be prepared to answer a slew of questions. What kind? Farm or wild? Fresh or frozen?

WWer's even know all sorts of salmon and will only eat the upper echelon of salmondom. King? Absolutely. Sockeye? Okay, if there isn't any King. Coho? Yes, fine. The kobe beef of the salmon world is Copper River Salmon, something I don't think anyone is allowed to eat unless they are in Washington state, or show their valid Wa. state driver's license. It only runs a few weeks out of the whole year, so it is coveted, and if you are a true salmon lover, you will stock up on it and eat it like you do strawberries or cherries when they are in season - until you swear you will never eat another one again because you are so SICK of it.

Pink salmon? Never. Not even fit for the cat. Atlantic? Get serious. Farmed salmon? Doesn't that stuff kill you?

And canned? If you thought it was gross before, just have a pleasant conversation with someone who drove a forklift in an Alaskan salmon cannery two summers in a row, like Hubby, and you too will never buy that again.

We even have the high falootin' cedar board to cook our salmon on. We used to go to Home Depot and buy a big ol' fence plank and sand that puppy down, but I bought a food grade one, which means someone in some third world country sanded it down for you.

When we first moved to So. Cal. about 12 years ago we went to a highly respected restaurant in Huntington Beach. Hubby ordered the salmon which came with,.. tartar sauce. The horror.

Well, I can't believe the last time I blogged was Tuesday. But at least my house is clean and I've caught up on the laundry!!!

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mom2threepks said...

We went to Alaska on our honeymoon. To this day our euphemism for any kind of tourist trap attraction is a Salmon bake. We went on several when we were in Alaska until we finally figured out that the Salmon was pretty nasty and it was really just about scamming the tourists. In Ireland an evening of step dancing and Guinness is lovingly known as a Salmon Bake. In China an evening of dumplings and traditional Chinese opera is a Salmon bake. In Colorado, a sleigh ride followed by a steak dinner is a Salmon bake.