Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tales from the T-Ball Field

Gee, can you tell which kid is ours? That's Kyle a whole head above everyone else. And he's so ready to play farm, but t-ball is where he has to go because of his age. Tough for the third boy who has spent his entire life trying to keep up with his big brothers. But great on the other hand, because he really shines! He hits great, last night he had a homerun. He pay lots of attention on the field, but at the same time, shares the ball. You won't find him in a pig pile of little bodies fighting over the hit. He plays every position, but loves pitcher and first base from what I can tell. Yesterday, the hitter smacked the ball right at him in the chest - he reacted quickly and caught the ball! It was awesome. He's really doing well!

Mr. Intensity. He's going on the world Tball hall of fame, taking no prisoners.

He got a run, too bad for the catcher,..

Waiting his turn on bat. Don't you wish carpet squares would work in other areas of our lives? I think I need them in every room of the house,..

Getting ready to run,...

I'll try and get pictures of the other boys this week. Obviously Sophie was with her father during this game so I had a couple of free hands,...

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