Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh Rats!

Literally. Yes, now I can smartly add 'clean rat poop' to my list of chores. Since the kids lost their small furries before we went to Indonesia, we agreed we'd get new pets. We waited a respectable amount of time after the passing of Sandy the guinea pig. We looked at snakes, lizards and other rodents, finally deciding on....rats.

Yesterday we went to a local pet store and purchased three month old rat babies. "What are they for, snakes or lizards?" Tony thevstore owner asked.

"Err,...they ar efor pets." I confess.

"Oh, right!" He says. "They make great pets!" Tony thinks we are insane I'm sure.

By buying the cage set up, the rats are thrown in for free, what a bargain.

Rob refuses to ever let me go to a pet store unaccompanied again, as I've agreed to buy two girls and a boy and Tony says he'll take the babies (not for snakes or lizards, I'm sure,.. ) What better way to teach the boys about life? Anyway, we have Zach's boy Skittles FunDip, Kyle's girl Daisy and Jared's girl Peak. What fun.

Daisy and Skittles.

Proud rat owners.

Max wanting to taste a little rat.

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