Monday, April 21, 2008

I Like Kyle Because,..

My little kindergartner was star student last week,.. yes, of course everyone was star student, but you can't forget the power of being line leader and office messenger and all that,.. what an exciting five days.

The most fun is seeing how excited he is to read the notes his classmates give him. He came home with a little book entitled 'I Like Kyle Because,..'

I had my favorites,.. there was I like Kyle because 'He plas with me. me;' the 'I LIKE KYLE' (like there needs to be an explanation when you are five,.. come on adults. Clue in, duh,..) and his prowess on the monkey bars was written about quite a few times, as well as the fact that he plays 'sokr' and then there was 'I like Kyle od yalp yoh my at because he comes wr we houm mr wes'. ... and also 'I like Kyle because he like goon the monky or su.' and the one I like the best,.. 'I like Kyle because hes my faveret guy.'

I couldn't have said it better myself. : )

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