Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I got 'nuthin'.

Except that I am a helpless freak when my husband is at home. The dishwasher drain started spewing a three foot high line of sudsy water all over the kitchen this evening (why can't it do that BEFORE I break out the mop so I don't waste my time cleaning the floor?), to which I scrambled up the stairs screaming, "Rob! Help! The dishwasher is exploding,.. or something!"

He came back laughing (I'm sure it was the shock of realizing the woman he married had no brain.) "Did you think to maybe turn off the dishwasher before you came screaming for me?"

Well, no,... duh. I just assume you'll fix it. Helloooooo,...

I made my monthly pilgrimage to Costco. Scary when the check out clerk looked at my rebate check and wiggled her eyebrows at me saying, "you didn't do to bad last year." Yes, if you have stcck in Costco, you can thank me whenever you see me shlepping 50 lb. boxes of trail mix, diapers, sirloin burgeres, organic veggies or unsweetened applesauce around town.

Then exclaimed, "Only $315 for all that?" Gulp. Yeah, I'm a real coupon shopper, obviously.

If you want to call me, please use the cell phone. I guess the hot, sudsy water shorted out the home phone box. Do I call my phone/Internet/Cable company and 'fess up to the idiocy of my ways? Or do I wait to let th ebox dry out first?

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