Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yay for Grandmas!

Well, my mom came and went. A week is really not a lot of time to visit, especially when you throw in five kids and baseball in to the mix. We threatened to just not drive her back to the airport, but she called our bluff. She said is was relaxing and she had a great time, even if she had to clean her own bathroom and mop my floor. Sigh. We all had a great time going to opening day, baseball practices and the 8 year old's game, plus a trip out to Joshua Tree for good measure. Hubby and I even got to go on a date! Yowza! The first time in almost four months I haven't had to hang on to a baby at dinner time. I even escaped to the gym a few mornings without surly kids not happy about sitting in the daycare for an hour. Pure heaven!

Grandma and her girls.....

And boys. (no Sabrina doesn't have her sister - that's a doll! Swear.)

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