Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

Cutie, eh? This is Tyler, Shawna and Kermit's son. He got to go home yesterday so we heard. Yay!

Oi veh, my weekends are more nuts than my week days. This weekend I was determined to get more done than the usual fifty loads of laundry and mopping the eternally dirty floor. Like my triend Teri has smartly said, I didn't want the weekend to just happen to me.

I was all ready to get a couple more things done. I was going to go through the girls' clothes and take out all the small ones. Then, I was going to clean my room. It's the dumping ground and always the last thing I ever get to.

And then, there is the large pile of shoes in my closet. Sabrina likes shoes and especially likes to try on mine when she's in my room. (It's genetic, isn't it?) So, they have toppled out of the shoe rack, oozed out of the baskets, and are now forming a lava flow of size 12's into the bathroom. (Yes, I have large feet. So, the shoes are kind of hard to miss.)

Maybe, I figured, I'd unpack another box or two. I keep unearthing pictures and seeing things I own and assume are still in a box in the garage. I hope they are in a box in the garage. But if they aren't, one less thing to dust, right?

Then, Thursday, kindergarten teacher catches me after class, "Mrs. Richardson! I wanted to make sure you knew Kyle is star student next week. I saw that the memo is still in his backpack and I wanted to make sure you knew about it in time since it requires some work on your part."

Great, there goes the unpacking any boxes, I have to make a poster.

Then hubby came home. "I need to do taxes this weekend."

"Huh?" I say. "I thought we'd just do the usual filing of the extension, then live the high life for a couple more months, freaking out and pulling an all nighter right before that deadline."

There went the untangling of the shoes.

Then hubby called on this way home from work. "I have some work to do this weekend."

Lovely. I'll be lucky to even get the usual laundry done. No hope of accomplishing anything else.

Saturday was baseball extravaganza. Kindergartner rocked the t-ball field. He had team mates yelling at him as he went up to bat, "Kyle, hit another home run!" So cute to watch him try very hard not to smile when he was so proud of himself. Nice to see, since I'm sure his brothers don't always do positive things to his self esteem.

8 year old had a harder time; he struck out all during the game. Not hard to do when it's your first season with a pitching machine. But, he's my sensitive one and took it really hard. His coach is a smart man and gave him the game ball for his sportsmanship, but like any red blooded boy, he would have rather earned that ball with a grand slam.

11 year old had a banner game - he started at pitcher - he didn't walk anyone, the only hits were on errors, he struck out one, the second out was a grounder he dove for and threw to first, and the third out was a strike out. Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Hubby is dictating.

The great thing about all that is to watch him work so hard to improve himself. He really wanted to pitch this season and the coach told him he had to practice. We got him a practice net (all the while hubby grumbling about spoiling him) and that kid has been in the yard practicing morning, noon and night. This is typical of his sports seasons.

He starts out tentatively, figures out what he needs to do and goes for it. It's really impressive and I feel assured he can accomplish a lot in life from what he's learning on the ball field. At least, I'm assured he'll be able to move out of my house someday. One down, four to go,....

I've done a few things on my own; grocery shopping, showering and I made a cool little slide show using slideroll software (it is supposed to allow you to publish slide shows to your blog), but for the life of me, I don't really know where on the Internet it ended up. It sure ain't here. You'd think I'd be able to figure this stuff out, since I do work for a software company. I used to demonstrate software, for heaven's sake. Now I can barely type.

If I gave myself some time before calling it quits, I might not leave snippets of unfinished business all over the Internet. It's tough with a baby and fifty loads of laundry. I did hit the 'publish' button on the slide show and all of a sudden I had a few comments about it, and a message telling me my little show had 41,000 views. What?!? Good grief. All I can glean from this is to be careful what you do out there on the Web, dear friends.

I signed the two oldest boys up for football which starts July 28 !?!?!? There goes my summer. Grandma, we have to move up the Washington visit a bit. The good news is, I will be far, far away from you when I troll for babysitters in August so I can attend my company's user conference in August. : )

So, here are a few pics I was going to post on the slideshow, I'll old school it until I can remember my user name and password to try again:

This is Kyle asleep in the car after San Diego. You'd have to be pretty tired to hold this position as long as he did,...
Beauty and the Beach,.,..
Can't you just see her flicking her hair back?
The pic that prompted one of our friends to ask when Rob's baby was due, to which he responded, 'any minute, the head's already out.. Hardee har har.
Speaking of baby, we have given her rice cereal twice now. She has no idea what in the heck she's supposed to do with it, it's pretty funny. We'll keep scooping a few tiny spoonfuls into her at dinner for a few more weeks before we get more adventurous. Of course, everyone had to have a chance to feed her. She likes it if for no other reason, all eyes are on her.
Well, gotta get to bed. I've got baby gifts to get, a workout to try and make, a start student poster to deliver to school, and two baseball games tomorrow.

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