Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Last Hurrah

Well, it's finally the end of the two longest weeks of my life. Yes, I'm talking about spring break. What to do to commemorate not shipping any of my children to someone else for raising? Go to San Diego, of course.

The Crew Classic was taking place down in Mission Bay this weekend, so we decided to go down and catch the varsity races for the University of Washington on Sunday. (Go Dawgs!) Those crew boys and girls like to get up really early and race, so in order to catch these , we had to leave our house around 6amish.

Brings memories of dating hubby; as a rip roaring sorority bimbo, I would stay out and play with my friends waaaay past my bedtime. Dating hubby meant being deposited back at the ol' sorority house at a reasonable hour, leaving most of my housemates to see me and ask , "why are you home so early? Are you sick?"

But, that was about 18ish years ago,.. yes, I'm old. Nothing makes you feel old like going down and see a bunch of svelte college kids running around like they haven't a care in the world.

It was a fantastic day. We met up with Chief and Olga, two highly respected people who, although they know our family intimately, still choose to hang out with us : ) and a couple of Rob's crew mates and a wife, who we hadn't seen in about a decade. It is always so nice to meet up with people you have such great memories with and sink back into a great conversation. So, thanks Flip and Shep and Kim. What a great day.

The kids weren't too excited about the whole deal. When hubby was explaining we were going to see some fast boats, 8 year old asked, "You mean drag racing???!?!?!"

To which hubby responded, "Well, yes, fast like drag racing. Except with people rowing with oars."

I've never seen little faces sink so quickly.

But they met up with kids their age and took off to frolick in the sand and sea and had a blast. Washington won. The sun broke through the clouds. Perfect.

Real men wear pink babies.

Just hangin' out at the beach. I'm sorry, what did you say the weather was like in Washington????

The kiddos. And one kidnapped puppy. Not only did we kidnap a puppy, but we made the puppy's owner take our picture. The audacity of some folks.


Teri said...

So did the boys end up thinking it was cool after all? My brother was on crew at Penn. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world and I still have a Penn Crew hat he gave me so I can be cool when I wear it.
How FUN! (And I'm impressed you all got up and out.)

mom2threepks said...

Wow! That looks like it was a day for the great day record books! I love the real me wear pink babies picture. CUTE